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Synergy represents one of the leading manufacturers of Xanthan Gum in the world with extensive experience in the field of biotechnology. We provide the best quality of Xanthan Gum in very competitive price in the market.

Xanthan gum is widely used in Oil drilling, workover and oil recovery as a rheology control agent in aqueous systems and as a stabilizer for emulsions and suspensions.

Xanthan is a kind of biopolymer made from corn starch through biological process. Xanthan is a bio-polysaccharide composed of glucose, mannose, glucuronic acid, acetic acid and pyruvic acid. This is the tertiary stereo structure of Xanthan molecule of helix aggregates.

The molecular structure of Xanthan gives it unique features over other polymers:

1. High Viscosity Yield at Low Concentration
2. Good Thixotropy and Pseudo-Plasticity
3. Tolerant to Acid, Alkaline and Salt; tolerant to oxidant and enzymatic degradation, tolerant to elevated temperature; keeps stable through several freeze/melt cycles.
4. Good compatibility with acid, alkaline, salt, reducing agent, surfactant biocide, natural or synthetic thickener when in the same system
5. Good dispersing ability, emulsifying ability, and solids, oil-drops suspending ability.


Main characteristics of Oil Field Grade Xanthan are: Viscosifier in Oil drilling, thermal stability, high pseudoplasticity, efficiency suspension, compatible with high salt concentration Xanthan is a high molecular weight biopolymer polysaccharide. A high-purity Xanthan gum is produced by the action of a microorganism, Xanthomonas Campestris, on carbohydrates. Xanthan is primarily a viscosity modifier for fresh to salt saturated make-up waters and is compatible with all water base drilling fluid additives. Its numerous areas of applications cover the range from the food industry to oil drilling. Industrial Grade is used as stabilizer in dying, painting, and other industrial applications. Solutions of Xanthan exhibit pseudoplastic rheological properties. Moreover, the viscosity of Xanthan drilling fluids remains nearly constant from below freezing to 150 C static bottom hole temperature, in a pH range of 3 to 12 and, the product is non-toxic as well as biodegradable.


XANTHAN builds viscosity and gel structure in all water base systems. An outline of the advantages of this product is as follows:
1. Since a very small quantity of Xanthan is required to prepare drilling fluid (e.g., 1 ppb compared to 20-25 ppb of bentonite), there is a tremendous saving in transportation, storage, etc.
2. Low solids - high penetration rate drilling fluids can be prepared.
3. Optimum hole cleaning and suspension qualities are obtained.
4. The lack of particulate plugging and non-film forming characteristic has proven Xanthan fluids to be excellent as a workover or completion fluid.

 General Information   

Chemical Name  :  Xanthan Gum
DOT Classification  :  Non-hazardous
Packaging  :  25 kg plastic lined paper bags

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